fredag 11. mars 2011


 To all my readers abroad 

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is the most renowned tourist attraction in Ryfylke, and one of Norway’s most popular natural attractions. The famous cliff rises a sheer 600 metres above Lysefjorden; it is situated on the northern shore not far from the mouth of the fjord. The magnificent landscape of Lysefjorden and surrounding mountains was sculpted by ice during a series of ice ages over several million years. About ten thousand years ago, part of the mountain broke off and collapsed into the fjord, leaving the sheer Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and its flat 25x25 metre summit. Every year more than 130,000 visitors from throughout the world hike to the top – and are rewarded with one of the most magnificent panoramas in Norway. On a clear day you can see almost all the way to Lysebotn, the village at the head of the fjord. Ever since 1900 tourists have come to the area to hike its mountains. 

The crack of the Pulpit Rock The Pulpit Rock plateau seems to have been cut out with a knife. The right angled system of faults is very visible when viewed from above. One can imagine that enormous blocks on either side of the Pulpit Rock have plummeted into the Lysefjord. Along the whole fjord can be found so-called pressure-release faults, a particulary good example being the crack in the Pulpit Rock. When the Lysefjord glacier melted some 10.000 years ago, the pressure of the ice was removed and the rock.bed cracked. You can easily imagine what will happen when the cracks get deep enough. It is a great experience to be at the top of the plateau. The Pulpit Rock lodge is located near the main road (Rv 13) south of Jørpeland and can be reached by car or, in the summer, by bus from Tau. From here, there is a trail to the Pulpit Rock climbing 350 metres through somewhat uneven terrain. Along the trail, there are picnic areas and excellent bathing spots. Remember proper walking shoes/boots, walking sticks, warm clothing and food. It is a 2 hours hike from Preikestolhytta to Preikestolen (one way)

Hugs from Mette

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  1. Flott at du promoterer Preikestolen! Sist jeg var der gikk jeg i kø og i pøsende regn, men utrolig opplevelse:) Klem fra Mona

  2. Flott sted å ta med seg turister! Datteren min hadde med seg en amerikansk venninne sist sommer, og det var en skjellsettende opplevelse for henne. :)

    Ønsker deg en strålende helg, Mette!


  3. It makes me nervous just looking at a picture of those people near the edge of that amazing rock. The view is so awesome isn't it!

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